Having been personally affected by the growing heroin and drug epidemic in the region, Dr. Bogazot established the Absolute Recovery Center in 2014. The mission of A.R.C. is to help reestablish normal levels of monoamines (neurotransmitters, the body’s natural “Feel Good” chemicals in the brain) quickly and naturally for those suffering from depression and chemical dependancy. This balancing he believes provides for a strong foundation in recovery and supports and enhances ALL other treatments for those suffering.​

It is Dr. Bogazot’s goal to empower each of his patients with the knowledge and resources that promote optimal health and wellness and to help them achieve success with their recovery. In today’s hectic world with a plethora of conflicting health options and fads, it is his wish to help his patients discern the truth and implement strategies that best fit their individual needs. Dr. Bogazot deems that our health is a direct reflection of our environment and surrounding energies. In order to build vibrant health, you must provide a strong foundation. 

Dr. Bogazot is a 1997 graduate of Life University, a leading chiropractic school in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Bogazot was influenced by the revolutionary nutritional philosophies of Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Weston A. Price, and Dr. Francis Pottenger. Dr. Bogazot continues to study the work of the Neuro-Research Clinics, and has done so for nearly two decades. Addressing relative nutritional deficiencies, which require proper amino acid intake levels of serotonin and dopamine precursors to restore balance has become his passion.

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