"I never thought of myself as being depressed. Out of curiosity and as a healthcare professional I participated in the program. At first I did't really notice anything except for a little more energy especially in the morning . After about 6 weeks, I noticed a general sense of well-being, an increase in energy that was consistent  and lasted the whole day with no high or low points. My out-look on life has changed in that I feel optimistic, I feel more aware of my surroundings, basically I feel more present and alive". 


"Within a couple of weeks I had a general sense of well-being that lasted throughout the day. I felt good, with a new awareness of how great life can really be. I'm more social and look forward to going to counseling and group meetings now as my perspective on things has changed dramatically. I feel blessed and I feel like I can accomplish anything now and I'm setting new goals. I wish I had known about this before I started rehab treatment. I wouldn't have wasted so much time just going through the motions. I've been truly blessed".


"Wow, ..... amazing is all I can say. The first week was a little rough for me feeling nauseous while taking the amino acids, but then I remember waking up that Monday and it was like someone had turned on the light switch. I feel really good all day long now, without any low or high points. My energy level is better and I can think more clearer if that makes any sense. I feel very optimistic and no-longer carry with me the doom-and gloom attitude. I'm looking forward to a bright future".


"The A.R.C. program has been a huge part of my recovery. I have struggled with my addiction for most of my life searching for a way out. I hated how felt and kept using to numb those feelings. When I enrolled in the A.R.C. program I immediately noticed a difference in the way I felt and viewed life. With the nutritional support I was provided, combined with regular A.A./N.A. meetings and counseling I built a new life. I will be celebrating a year sober this month. I am forever grateful for A.R.C. for helping me create a strong foundation which gave me the opportunity to change my life".